About Us

Dr. Dweezel and Professor Pallie have become famed in their respective fields for outstanding contributions. For nearly a decade they have collaborated on the recording of lost ancient texts and tales.

Dr. Dexter Dweezel

  • Born in Germany.
  • Doctor of Psychiatry, University of Geneva.
  • Professor Emeritus Oxford University.
  • Known for his work in psychosemantics and for pioneering the field of inferred reading.

Professor Parnassus Pallie

  • Born in England.
  • PhD in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Professor Emeritus Oxford University.
  • Famed for his adventurous exploits throughout the world, including the excavation of Timbuktu, the first contact with the peoples of Ibanza, and the recovery of the Scepter of King Ubara-Tutu.